Productivity Enhancement Tools for Developers

For Developers’ In-house Sales Teams

Real Estate developers need to maintain harmonious relationships with customers and serve them better in today’s demanding environment. For this, they need to leverage technology better to capture leads, track follow ups, get on-the-go access to real time inventory status, track customer accounts and engage with them wholeheartedly. EDGE’s software module for real estate developers enables management and tracking of in-house sales teams and processes to the minutest detail.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Pre Sales
  • Lead Management
  • Mobile App: Sales Office
  • Site Visits & Meetings
  • Transactions
  • Mortgage
  • Post Sales

Marketing Automation

A fully integrated module that ensures that irrespective of the campaign source, every lead is captured for further action. Automate your marketing campaigns, analyse ROI for each channel and thus optimise spends for lead generation. EDGE’s marketing module is built to help your business grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run various marketing campaigns at any scale you desire.

  • Aggregate leads from Multiple Source
  • Spend Analytics
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Integration with Leading Listing Portals

Pre Sales

Real estate Pre-Sales involve efforts that lead to qualifying, closing and even renewing a high value business relationship with a customer, making this function an ice-breaker- the first touch point for every lead generated. Hence, better the Pre-Sales team is equipped to manage the prospects and the clients, better are the chances of conversion. EDGE’s powerful Pre-Sales module has been built with that very thought at its core.

  • Integrated Cloud Telephony
    and Custom Dialers
  • Call Tracking & Recording
  • Multiple Dialing Modes
  • Multiple IVR Solution
  • Virtual Numbers Management

Lead Management

EDGE helps manage the sales funnel with its advanced lead management workflow which helps to track number of call attempts, duration of call, timely reminders, incorporating feedback from customers etc. No matter where you get your leads from, EDGE absorbs that lead information and then dishes it out to your sales team. Track lead movement through the sales funnel in a jiffy.

  • AI enabled Lead Distribution
  • Configurable Lead Assignment Rule Engine
  • Claim to Earn Leads
  • Auto Reassigments on Missed SLAs
  • Re-Activation of Dead Leads

Mobile App: Sales Office

For explosive growth, your sales force needs to be ever ready to share product features, specifications and deal-critical facts with their prospects, on-the-go. In a multi-product environment with many layers of information, the One Touch Assistant is a sales person’s best friend, as it bridges every information gap between you and your customers, seamlessly, and with a single tap.

  • WhatsApp, Email and Social Shares
  • Product Documents and Cost Sheets
  • Marketing Collaterals and Creatives
  • Listings and Inventory

Site Visit & Meetings

Real Estate is a high value sale, which means that every lead in your funnel counts. Customer meetings & site visits are two important deal makers and your business needs more control over these. With EDGE, get every customer meeting and site visit OTP verified, so you never miss a meeting or a deal!

  • Meeting Reminders and Tracking
  • OTP Verified Meetings
  • Digitized Site Visits & Followups
  • Geo Tracking to Prevent Fake Visits


The whole world is moving towards ecommerce, so why should real estate get left behind. Get real time inventory checked, generate payment links and get your customers to book transaction online. Tedious workflow automation for booking transaction ensures complete customer satisfaction, boosting your brand equity.

  • Expression of Interest
  • Priority Based Allotments
  • Online Inventory Booking Engine
  • Integrated with Payment Gateways


Mortgage provides essential lifeline to your real estate business in form of timely cashflows. However, originating, processing, and disbursing a home loan requires a lot of time and e_ort, owing to the sheer amount of paperwork and approvals involved. Not to forget customers’ credit scores, which can give last minute surprises. Thankfully, EDGE accurately handles many complex and time-consuming mortgage processes, automatically.

  • Know Your Client (E-KYC)
  • Digital Mortgage Application
  • Integration with Credit Bureau
  • Loan Eligibility Engine

Post Sales

This is real estate, and your company's relationship with a customer wouldn't end simply at the close of the sale. A buyer signing a deal might close out the sales portion of the current transaction, but it would only start a relationship which has potential to shape into a lifelong association. This means that all post sales processes should be integrated with the client's CRM record. EDGE e_ortlessly goes just beyond transactions, ensuring continued customer delight.

  • Create Automated Agreements
  • Automate Payment Reminders
  • View Client Payment Ledger
  • Ticket Management Module

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Square Yards is the leading platform for home buyers across 10 countries. Our cutting-EDGE technology empowers consumers with credible data, inspiration and knowledge, while connecting them with in-house experts who hand hold them from the start of their home search till property handover.

We serve the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home: research, due diligence, selling, financing and more. It begins with Square Yards’ deep relationship with over 500 top developers and our home loan company Square Capital’s partnership with over 90 banks and NBFCs. A team of 2,800 experts power our award-winning services which have delighted more than 35,000 customers already.

Square Yards started its journey in 2014 and is headquartered in Gurugram, India.

  • Proven Capability

    We understand that every sale is unique, as we ourselves have completed over 35,000 primary real estate and mortgage transactions. Every transaction thus, has given us new insights and fresh perspectives into software design. EDGE is essentially all that experience, at your fingertips.

  • Ready For All Team Sizes

    Huddle your team around a platform that works the way you want it to. Our own sales team of 2,800 people spread over 30 cities across 10 countries swear by our tech. Time you gave your team the same ‘EDGE’.

  • Developed With Scale In Mind

    The best businesses thrive with tech that doesn’t balk under pressure. For us, the system handles 1.5 Million digital leads every month! That translates to that 18 Million connected and tracked calls on our mobile app, leading to 540,000 OTP verified meetings and site visits. Need more power