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The mojo for a winning elevator sales pitch

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Making a winning elevator pitch for real estate is all about channeling your inner dexterity to push the boundaries of creativity and make an indelible impression on the mind of a customer.

Customers respond positively when you connect with them on a personal note to warm up their confidence and then showcase your product in a story-telling fashion to invoke their interest.

Buying a home is an emotional decision. The home buying process, on the other hand, is rife with mixed emotions, from excitement to frustration. Sometimes home buyers get so carried away by emotions that it clouds their intellect and they misjudge a trade deal.

It is, therefore, the job of a smart and well-informed real estate agent to navigate these emotional challenges and quell their anxieties so that home seekers can make smart decisions, both emotionally and financially.

The goal of a real estate agent is to understand the pain points, needs and expectations of a prospect and solve them in an endearing manner. Here the gift of the gab comes into play.

Your elevator sales pitch should be effective enough for the customers to believe that you know to the core about their requirements.

As the famous Steve Jobs once said,” Get closer to your customers, so close that you tell them what they need well before they realize themselves.”

Remember, in this tech-savvy age, homebuyers are smart and well-informed about their needs. So, the most sensible thing to do is refrain from bragging about yourself and your company.

A good sales pitch is about understanding the customer first by listening rather than pouncing on him with your canned script.

Essentials for a winning Elevator Sales Pitch

With that said, let’s delve deeper into this and find out what the essentials for a winning elevator sales pitch should be.

  1. Research about your audience: An ill-informed sales pitch can annihilate the whole plot and make your prospects uncertain about their homebuying decision. It’s imperative to scope every inch of detail about your prospects, find their pain points & requirements and understand how they can gain by buying a home from you. Try to customize your pitch according to the expectations of your customers and filter out any crap in your message.
  2. Find the perfect medium: You need to find out the channel through which you can make a successful elevator sales pitch. If you are sending your pitch through mails, the subject line should be catchy enough to arrest the attention of the recipient. 47% of the emails get clicked based on the subject line. If you are delivering your pitch on the phone, the opening statement should be powerful. Be succinct and get to the core of your message with a simple key phrase. Maintain a perfect length to engage the buyers and hold their attention for a good length of time. Refrain from using industry buzzwords and jargon.
  1. Focus on purpose and what matters to prospects: An elevator sales pitch will fizzle out if it lacks mojo and steers off course in the middle of the conversation. A clear-cut purpose will help in setting out the tone of the pitch. When your prospects hear that your sales pitch captures their pain-points and needs to the detail, they will hook on to your message and be confident to make a deal with you.
  2. Give your insights in detail: After you are well-prepped with your sale pitch and listened with rapt attention to the problems of the prospective homebuyer, dish out your solution in a simple, amicable manner. Pepper your pitch with personal insights from previous experiences. Refer to the profiles of your past customers if needed. This will make you sound more credible and convincing. Enchanting the customer with facts and figures is the purest form of sales as said by author and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. Even if your company doesn’t have a huge name in the property market, a unique selling point can do the trick.
  3. Listen, listen and listen: Shooting your sales message without even knowing what the prospect is interested in or what his pain-points are is akin to shooting arrows in the dark. Start by asking questions and have your ears open in response. You will be able to find clues in their answers which will help you customize your sales pitch. Let the buyer do most of the talking. It will relax them. Respond to the pain-points with thoughtful questions. This will lead you to the heart of their needs and help you to close a deal successfully.

That’s it, folks! A good elevator sales pitch is paramount to closing a real estate deal. With a well-prepped sales message, you can strike the right chord with your customer and at the same time convey the right message. You can measure up the situation better when you are ready with a confident sales pitch. Closing a deal will be just within sight if you play your cards well. And yes, choose the right words. Cheers!


Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards.
Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards.

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