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How can your brand create worthwhile customer experiences?

What is the secret that compels people to choose a product from the same brand again and again? Emotional connection. It is this intimacy...
Sumit Mondal
2 min read

Customer Churn harming your company’s prospects? Here’s how to tackle…

In the 21st-century volatile business world, running a flourishing business isn’t just about how much profits you have reaped but about how many customers you...
Sumit Mondal
2 min read

5 tips to improve Customer Service with a focus on…

In the 21st century today, running a successful business at full steam isn’t about inventing a business model that is conventional or ahead of...
Sumit Mondal
2 min read

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Square Yards is the leading platform for home buyers across 10 countries. Our cutting-edge technology empowers consumers with credible data, inspiration and knowledge, while connecting them with in-house experts who hand hold them from the start of their home search till property handover.

We serve the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home: research, due diligence, selling, financing and more. It begins with Square Yards’ deep relationship with over 500 top developers and our home loan company Square Capital’s partnership with over 90 banks and NBFCs. A team of 2,800 experts power our award-winning services which have delighted more than 35,000 customers already.

Square Yards started its journey in 2014 and is headquartered in Gurugram, India.

  • Proven Capability

    We understand that every sale is unique, as we ourselves have completed over 35,000 primary real estate and mortgage transactions. Every transaction thus, has given us new insights and fresh perspectives into software design. Edge is essentially all that experience, at your fingertips.

  • Ready For All Team Sizes

    Huddle your team around a platform that works the way you want it to. Our own sales team of 2,800 people spread over 30 cities across 10 countries swear by our tech. Time you gave your team the same ‘edge’.

  • Developed With Scale In Mind

    The best businesses thrive with tech that doesn’t balk under pressure. For us, the system handles 1.5 Million digital leads every month! That translates to that 18 Million connected and tracked calls on our mobile app, leading to 540,000 OTP verified meetings and site visits. Need more power