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5 tips to improve Customer Service with a focus on sales

In the 21st century today, running a successful business at full steam isn’t about inventing a business model that is conventional or ahead of...
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Debunking CRM myths to decloud assumptions hovering over the system

Inducting a new software system into a company’s work structure is a gargantuan task. A lot of inhibitions and assumptions play spoilsport in your...
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Shorten your sales cycle and catapult your business graph. Here’s the magical potion

The art of sales is mastered by a select few sales personalities; those who are passionate about building long-term relationships with clients, who can...
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Want your sales team to extract good business revenue for your company? Here’s how they can get that extra mileage

Sales teams constitute the backbone of any organization. They act as a conduit between a company and its customers. Without an efficient sales team,...
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The epitome of virtual meetings will be achieved through AI. Here’s how.

The influence of chatbots for seamless communication and problem-solving is nothing new. With artificial communication becoming a thing of late, different companies are streamlining...
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How AI will become an important part of the remote workforce

Perhaps for the first time in human history, mankind has been so critically dependant on technology for survival. The world is battling a crisis...
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Bringing agility in sales employees for a better customer experience in crisis

Customer Experience…the pulse of every business in the present world. It is a critical fundamental every business hinge upon and holds key to their...
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Want to improve your sales figures during a crisis situation? Here’s how

Pulling off a good sales graph in a crisis situation is a tough nut to crack. The pandemic raging across the world in a...
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How AI is protecting sales reps from extreme stress

You hit the snooze button for the 8th time…wake up with a splitting headache and lazily go through your morning ablutions. You chug a...
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EDGE, the SaaS Offering from Square Yards Gets Top Recognition for Powering Real Estate Sales through the Lockdown

While the real estate industry is in a huddle to embrace technology quickly in order to ride the storm of a changing world, thanks...
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Building a corporate culture within a remote sales team

Working remotely sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Ah! No waking up early, no rolling yourself up in steam ironed formals, no sitting in...
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Want your sales team to negotiate crisis times easily? Here’s how

Sales are not for the faint-hearted. It entails negotiation of an insurmountable amount of challenges that stand in our way. Whether it is a...
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