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Questions SaaS sales leaders should ask themselves to keep their business on the right track

Ask any enterprise SaaS sales leader, and he will quip that enterprise SaaS sales is a tough nut to crack. Engaging prospective customers, managing...
0 2 min read

Can bad grammar kill deals and cost you sales?

If there is anything in this world that gives people free license to judge you, it’s your standards of spelling and grammar. Whether it’s...
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Killer out-of-the-box tips to end a sales deal drought

Are you fizzled out after hitting a sales slump? Well, if you have, chances are you are not alone. At one time, you are...
0 2 min read

Closing questions every salesperson must ask to boost sales

Closing a sales deal is an art. It is a feat of accomplishment that every salesperson revels in. While some may pass it off...
0 2 min read

Dejected over a lost sales deal? Here’s how to bounce back from it

“No thanks, but I’m not interested…” That syllable of despair “No” hits you hard. You have spent weeks, sometimes months trying to warm up...
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Mistakes salespeople need to avoid while prospecting SaaS customers

If you think selling SaaS products is an uphill task, you are not alone. For the record, selling something that is not tangible is...
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How can your brand create worthwhile customer experiences?

What is the secret that compels people to choose a product from the same brand again and again? Emotional connection. It is this intimacy...
0 2 min read

How a positive attitude among sales reps can bring a windfall in sales?

A positive attitude is the cornerstone for a successful career in sales. Amidst all the negativity, the doom and gloom, maintaining a positive behaviour...
0 2 min read

Lead Management Mistakes that can cost you sales

How do you create customers from a pipeline of leads? This question has been a spot of bother for sale leaders and professionals alike....
0 2 min read

How to tackle a sales email rejection and win a customer again?

Have you ever come across a No? That word of rejection which instantly overwhelms you with defeat, embarrassment, and unworthiness. Well, rejection comes in...
0 2 min read

Why sales reps need to be in sync with modern B2B buyer behaviour?

We are living in a world of disruption; a place where technology controls every nuance of our life influences our behaviour and alters our...
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Boost your business with these hot and happening lead conversion strategies

For salespersons, the one thing that keeps them happy is a pipeline full of leads. If you ask anyone in a sales role, what...
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